* All master's and doctoral theses are counted (pediatric nursing - nursing administration - obstetrics and gynecology - surgery and internal medicine - community health - and mental health)
* Helping masters and postgraduate students to reach the required messages easily and easily
* Renewal of records for masters and doctorates in the Information Technology Club Facilitating the search process on the Internet for students and faculty members
* Helping students and faculty members to register on the Knowledge Bank website * Conducting lectures and seminars inside the laboratory
* Activate the digital library
* The books inside the library were organized according to the scientific departments and the books were organized by the cupboard and rack number
* Individuals and staff collaborate within the library in helping students search for scientific books, especially students of the first division
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In the context of concern for the health of students and faculty members who hesitate to the library, we ask the hesitant gentlemen to be careful to adhere to the precautionary measures represented in the commitment to wearing masks and to maintain the spacing between students with the suspension of indicative signs urging that
The library is opened to students from 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. in addition to the evening period, which extends to 4 p.m. days (Sunday - Monday - Tuesday) only
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