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The family of the College of Nursing congratulates Dr. Elsayeda Hamdy Nasr, Assistant Professor, Department of Maternity, Gynecology and Obstetrics Nursing, for her membership in the World Council of Scientists and Researchers of the International Scientific Complex for Nitrosophic Sciences and its main center at the University of New Mexico, America
On Monday, 11/1/2021, the College Board met headed by Prof. Dr. Amal Ahmed Khalil Morsi, Dean of the College, and the attendees: -
  • Prof. Sanaa Abdel Azim Ibrahim, Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs
  • Prof. Dr. Amal Sobhy Mahmoud, Vice Dean for Postgraduate Studies and Research
  • Prof. Dr. Jihad Muhammad Abu Al-Maati, Vice Dean for Environmental Affairs and Community Service

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On Tuesday, 12/1/2020, students of the Master of Family and Community Health in the college went to the General Office of the South Port Said district under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Jihad Abu Al-Maati, Vice Dean for Environmental Affairs and Community Service, Prof. Dr. Nahed Abdel Azim, Assistant Professor of Health Nursing Family and Society Prof. Dr. / Manar Fathy Heiba, Assistant Professor of Gynecology and Obstetrics at the College.

On Wednesday, 6/1/2021, the researcher / Rasha Muhammad Muhammad Bayoumi, a nursing specialist at the Kafr Saqr Medical Center, discussed a master's degree in family and community health nursing under the title: -
"Nurses' Perception Regarding Utilization Of Information Technology At Primary Health Care Centers In Port Said City"
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Prof. Amal Ahmed Khalil, Dean of the College, congratulates the agents, heads of departments, members of the faculty, the administrative staff, and students on the occasion of the start of the year 2021
On Wednesday, 12/30/2020, the researcher / Mona El-Sayed Abdel-Aziz Afsa discussed a nursing school at Kafr Saad Secondary School for Nursing Damietta Masters in Internal and Surgical Nursing under the title: -
"Nurses' Role In Caring Patients Undergoing Heart Surgery"